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Enhance the quality of your IT services


ServiceNow enables business IT to advance the IT service model by consolidating fragmented IT service systems into a single system of record.


Business Analysis - Data Migration - Salesforce Implementation - Third Party App. Integration - Ongoing Salesforce Administration


Proper management of your IT projects is crucial. Depending on the size of the project, it can have impact across your entire organisation.


Customized for the specifics needs of the enterprise - ITSM Template Rapid-Deploy deporting built - Advanced decision support


Convenient, efficient, and effective means for meeting your technology staffing needs

About Us

ControlBias was formed in 2015 with the mission of enhancing control over the enterprise through transformative process and tooling. Powered by advanced innovations in data aggregation and analytics, ControlBias has set into motion a practice of data driven workflow automation, real-time decision support, and business process optimization. Whether it is th implementation, customization, and support of leading off the shelf tools, or, our own proprietary turnkey solutions; ControlBias is there to ensure predictable performance across all aspects of the enterprise.

Our Product

Native in-App creation of ServiceNow incident in SFDC:

LinkBias gives users the power track and manage incidents tied to SalesForce Cases. Also create greater efficiency by auto populating fields from data in SFDC streamlining the creation of incidents in ServiceNow. This is accomplished through the highly performant proprietary and non-intrusive LinkBias correlation engine.

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